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•​ Correct authors’ name formatting on papers includes a “given name” and “surname.”
•​ ​At least one author should provide contact information and an email address on manuscript
•​ ​IEEE will retain papers as they are received from the conference. IEEE will not edit manuscripts in anyway, including addition of DOI or copyright footers.
• ​ ​​A copyright footer must be applied to the paper prior to uploading manuscript to PDF eXpress(Contact your conference organizer for details)
• ​ ​​​Mathematical equations, special characters, and symbols should never be used in the paper title or abstract.
• ​ ​Conference paper titles and abstracts must always appear in English.
• Complete and Submit the IEEE Electronic Copyright Form (eCF)
• ​ ​Do not include page numbers on Manuscripts


​•​ Papers cannot be accepted with margins smaller than those given in the table below:​

TOP 0.75 inch 19mm
BOTTOM 1 inch 43 mm
SIDE 0.625 inch 13 mm


•​ Below is a list of recommended fonts​:​


•​ F​onts must be either Post Script or True Type and licensed for embedding.

•​ Use of unlicensed and custom-made or hacked fonts is strictly prohibited.

•​Failure to comply may result in poor display of article online


​•​ Choose vector graphics (e.g., .eps) over bitmap (.bmp) images because they are electronically efficient and will not conflict with conversions to PDF.

​•​ ​For LaTeX submissions, all images must be in .eps format and included with your submission in a compressed archive. It is recommended that you use WinZip or StuffIt for compressing your submission.

​•​ ​Resolution should be between 150 and 300 dpi or less. Resolutions greater than 300 will cause down sampling.

​•​ ​Labels within graphics should have a type point size of 4 or higher.

​•​ ​Smooth Graphics should not be used as it often produces extremely large files with slow loading time. The Smooth Graphics option is usually found in the page Setup Dialog box.


•​ Here's the procedure you should follow for Word 2010 files:

1. From the Windows button choose "Save As."

2. In save as type, choose "PDF".

3. Click on the "Options" box

4. Select checkbox “ISO 19005-1 compliant (PDF/A)”

5. Select dropdown "Tools."

6. Click “Save Options.”

7. Click the checkbox for “Embed fonts in the file.”

8. Click "OK" and you may change the name or location if necessary

9. Then select "Save."

-Please note that some True Type fonts do not allow embedding or subset.

The only way to fix this is to choose another font. ​


•​ A .tex file is insufficient for a PDF conversion. We require a dvi file and all of the supporting figure files (eps, ps, etc.) in order to create aPDF.

•​ ​ Please compress your source files, including your dvi and supporting figure files, into one archive file (zip, gz, tar, sit, etc.). Then upload your new, compressed archive file to your author account. If you are able to create a PDF, please include it in the archive file to be used for comparison.

•​ ​Ensure that your LaTeX system can output a DVI, otherwise it cannot be accepted and converted. For TeX tools, see:

•​ ​ Images in your PDF may appear less sharp than they appear in your source application. This may be because the image is less than 300 dpi which is the minimum requirement. Check the resolution of your image file and make sure it is saved at a minimum of 300dpi. If your image file is at least 300dpi, it will look comparable to your source application.

•​ ​If there is an error in the PDF caused by conversion of the source file, please log-in to your account and select the “Get Help for this Conversion” link. Leave a detailed message regarding the conversion error and our technical support team will create a new PDF from your source files. If we are unable to create a good PDF for you, we will notify you of the problems encountered.

•​ ​Helpful Information:

- Acrobat Distiller job options files for versions 5 and 6:

*** PDFs must be at least Acrobat version 5x to pass the Xplore-compliancy check ***

- GhostScript Settings Reference for IEEE Xplore-Compatible PDFs: GS8-IEEE Xplore_config.pdf

- pdfTeX User Manual:


•​ IEEE PDF eXpress converts the following file types to PDF:

- Microsoft Word

- (La)TeX (A DVI and supported image files must be included in a compressed archive)